Wholesale Saree Catalogs: Buy Sarees in Bulk

Looking for the latest wholesale saree catalogs to fill your stock?

In recent times, mainstream consumers want to purchase stylish clothing that moves quickly from design to retail store to meet trends. It challenges the established fashion tradition of introducing new collections at affordable prices. The saree manufacturers in Kolkata offer an extensive range of wholesale saree catalogs at wholesale rates. 

But what if you, as a retailer, discover the best-quality wholesale sarees in bulk at the cheapest prices?


Top Quality Latest Wholesale Saree Catalogues

Wholesale Saree Catalogues 

Let’s take a glance at our newly launched beautiful designer wholesale sarees collection, which are undoubtedly the head-turners. 


1. Cotton Sarees: The Traditional Women’s #1 Choice!


Wholesale cotton sarees for women are diligently crafted from 100% high-quality premium cotton. These are super-fine cotton fabrics that provide a lightweight and relaxing experience. Cotton sarees are a classic charm for all occasions. For their unbreakable demand and much more affordable prices, these comfortable sarees are the perfect piece for the cotton saree wholesaler in India. The starting price range is Rs. 240. 


2. Printed Sarees: A Daily Mixture of Comfort and Style


Printed sarees epitomize an evergreen combination of fresh, vibrant colors and lovely floral prints. These wholesale printed sarees have the softest ever feel on the skin and are easy to drape. In addition, printed sarees are far less expensive to purchase in bulk than other everyday wear sarees. With every passing day, customers will keep falling increasingly in love with this unique range of printed cotton fabrics. The starting range is Rs. 365.


3. Handloom Saree: Women's Bold Choice for Every Occasion


These handloom sarees are woven on pinning looms, and their softness is unparalleled. These sarees feature a fashionable take on the exquisite traditional weaves of Bengal. Wholesale handloom sarees are eternal and will never go out of style. Indian women can magically drape and enjoy these fabrics as everyday wear, festive wear, on a special day, or any day. The starting price of the sarees is Rs  423.


4. Silk Saree: Perfect Blend of Style for Your Customers


These gorgeous silk sarees are made from royal silk fabric. These latest wholesale silk saree collections are delicate sophistication in bright colors. These sarees are the best pieces for wholesalers who are looking for style with substance. These sarees are made from 100% natural silk by skilled weavers. Designer silk sarees wholesale are the most body-hugging fashionable sarees that are in high demand. The starting range is Rs. 460. 


5. Embroidered Sarees: Give the Classic Touch to Your Customers


Each thread has a story to tell, and the embroidered saree tells a story of fabric. These sarees are the product of the skilled work of hand-embroidered fine cotton textiles. These embroidered sarees are mixed and matched with various shades of color that perfectly stand out on all occasions. These sarees are super lightweight and can be styled with comfort and elegance. The starting range of the sarees is Rs. 484. 


Now that you’ve found the latest wholesale catalog, we are here to inform you about the key benefits of buying sarees in bulk from Minu Business. 


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A Few Words About Minu Business


Minu Business is the biggest saree manufacturer in West Bengal, India. We have a large, loyal client base in India after manufacturing and shipping for over two decades. Here we present the entire collection of our top-quality, latest-design wholesale cotton sarees for bulk orders. Our newly launched wholesale saree collection can be a fabulous choice for wholesalers looking for exclusive, designed cotton sarees at a very affordable price. This unique range of cotton saree collections is available in stunning color combinations and vibrant floral prints that can brighten up your dull day.


What Makes Minu Business Transform Wholesale and Retail Businesses?


  • Top Quality: At Minu Business, we sell reasonably priced premium sarees. (It’s for our signature fine-quality, comfortable cotton textiles that we stay forever in the minds of our consumers.) We always work with expert artisans, and our priority is to maintain the quality of our sarees to give the best experience to our consumers.


  • Easy Delivery: We create a unique identity by managing the end-to-end shipping process and pan India. We provide hassle-free, fastest delivery directly next to your doorstep, which makes us stand out from others. As we are responsible for giving you a fast delivery experience across India, we are consistent with our great speed and durability. 


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  • Wholesale Rates: At Minu Business, we don’t let you miss out on the best sarees at a low price that are constantly evolving to match the latest trends with new designs and styles. We offer bulk discounts for wholesalers and retailers to make it not difficult for them to find affordable sarees without compromising on their variety and quality. We achieve this by teaming up directly with weavers and printers and cutting out middlemen. 


  • New Design Daily: At Minu Business, we have an ever-growing collection of variety, comfort, fashion, and elegance in every price range. Our cotton sarees are considered the highest quality traditional sarees that offer diverse patterns, colors, and superior comfort on all occasions. We are dedicated to updating our customers with the most trending styles and fashions, epitomizing comfort. 


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  • Best Client Service: We manage to offer an impressive customer service experience. We believe that the customers are the company's soul, and we ensure that our customers have wonderful experiences when they engage with our business. Our customer support team helps our consumers find solutions to their problems or queries. 




So who wouldn’t prefer to buy smart, fashionable sarees at a budget-friendly price? If you have an online clothing store or you’re planning for it to start, then finding a good manufacturer can be your concern. Our top-quality sarees, Minu Business, are the perfect choice for you, as we provide you with the privilege of having a wide variety of stunning sarees that are etched in the hearts of your customers and give them an eternal charm to drape with a little bit of comfort and grace.